MAGICAL AND MAGNIFICENT ROCKY FORMATIONS This breathtaking landscape is situated in Thessaly, Greece, being famous for the most dramatic location. This absolute isolation enables people with finding peace and harmony. Since 1988 Meteora, the Complex of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries, has been on a UNESCO World Heritage List. The rocks are monastery-topped perfection that rises from the plain in the form of towers. They have been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, some of them even from 14th century. However, a small number of monks and nuns reside there and only six monasteries are active today. Not only is this natural phenomenon impressive for religious people, but for non-religious as well, as it offers variety of activities, such as walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, and so on. Sunsets are fabulous, creating shades of different colours, delicate orange, red and pink, as if God takes away the most delicious and beautiful orange from people for a couple of hours. Those who appear on the same spot at dawn are blessed by God, He takes back the wonderful orange to the people at this sacred place, providing them with the warmth, fantastic sceneries and spectacular views of pillar-like formations rising in the sky. Even when clouds come down secretly, they are welcomed by the fog and they together play the game in which they strive to beat each other, spreading a silver veil over the entire area. After Mount Athos, which is considered the most sacred place in Greece, the Meteora Complex is the second one.

Hidden Outdoor Museum

HIDDEN OUTDOOR MUSEUM The track to this mysterious lost city is not easily accessible. The journey will make you feel exhausted, yet the spectacular view, which is waiting for you up there when you reach your destination on the top of the mountain, is stunning and you immediately realize it was worth your effort and exhaustion. While the fresh air clears your mind, for a moment it seems that you have crossed the line of a completely new dimension. The door opens, welcome to a fairy tale called Machu Picchu! You have just entered a totally new world on steep slopes. Machu Picchu is located in Peru, high up in the massive mountain range of the Andes. What makes it so special, apart from the fact that it is on the list of Seven Ancient World Wonders? Square stones fit together so tightly with cracks, as if someone created this magnificent phenomenon with a sharp knife. Over 600 terraces stabilize the structure, preventing it from sliding. In imagination one could visualize the creator who takes piece by piece of lego city, creating a perfect awe-inspiring world. Spirit of the old civilization still wanders there, among all those buildings, houses, temples, plazas and walls. The first disappointing feeling “I see nothing but the ruin” strikes your mind like a lightning. However, the next moment you become aware that the ruin actually contains a stronger and deeper story, carrying more mystic message of this place – once upon a time the Inca Empire existed here. As the Incas did not keep any written record, it is still a mystery how they built their Empire and how they lived. The walls hide the secret of the Inca people and the reason why they abandoned this place. The remains of this civilization and Empire which are 2,430 meters above the sea level lurk around every single spot on this place exposed to winds which blow with no mercy. Proud mountains surround the lost city of Machu Picchu, keeping it safe from everyone and everything, whilst the river Urubamba plays a role of its patron 600 meters below. The performance of clouds coming down among the walls deludes us so much that we think for a moment the ghosts of the Inca people appeared just to witness the story about this miracle.

Describing Scenery

Everything kept silent, as if there was no living human in this magnificent tiny isolated village or maybe everyone was asleep. Silence that appeared was a messenger of bad news, announcing the most painful prediction - upcoming storm. The massive grey mountains stood upward in the form of guards, watching over the small village, exposed to any danger and threat. As if tiny houses showed white flags, having no other guardian but the mountains, praying to them as to God to be mercy and save them. The fog was crawling in a foxy way, allying with the creepy upcoming disaster, striving to reach the goal - to harm this beauty. And cold water…That mean enemy and faithful friend at the same time. It waited for its moment, to show all its power and strength.

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